BRANSON, Mo.– Legislation, litigation, and changes to the Branson strip all followed the sinking of Stretch Duck 7. Their just a few of the ways people are moving forward after the tragedy on Table Rock Lake.

The question “Where do we go from here?” is answered differently by different people.

For U.S. Senator Josh Hawley, the answer looks like challenging the Duck Boat industry as we know it.

For witnesses like Pat Styron, who saw the boat go down from the window of the Branson Belle, the first thing to do is recover from the horror she saw that night. She’s still not to a point where she can cross that off her list.

The same can be said for first responders, like EMT Johnathan Tudor, who’s still recovering after lending aid to survivors.

For many in the Branson community, moving on looks like changing the lineup of the Branson strip and removing any reminders of this tragedy.

Ride the Ducks is no more. Instead, a new Ripley-owned attraction is in business there.

For those who say forgetting isn’t possible, the only thing you can do is pay respect to those who lost their lives that night on Table Rock Lake.