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Remarkable Women Winner 2022: Dr. Elizabeth Washington

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Through the month of March, KOLR 10 and Ozarks Fox introduced you to the four finalists for Springfield’s Remarkable Women campaign.

Wednesday on KOLR 10 Daybreak, Dr. Elizabeth Washington was announced as the winner.

Clementine Bentley is one of Springfield's Remarkable Women

2022 Remarkable Women Nominee: Clementine Bentley

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — At 60 years old, Clementine Bentley is training for her first bodybuilding competition.

“When people typically my age are getting ready to wind down for retirement, I’m kind of going in the opposite direction,” Bentley laughed.

Bentley is on the autism spectrum, something she discovered in her 20s after a misdiagnosis left her institutionalized and eventually homeless.

Remarkable Women: Dr. Elizabeth Washington

2022 Remarkable Women Nominee: Dr. Elizabeth Washington

Springfield, MO – A woman who managed to balance it all – working full-time, getting a Ph.D., getting married, having and adopting children, some with disabilities, and losing a young son. How she carries on and inspires others puts Dr. Elizabeth Washington as one of the four finalists of our Remarkable Women of the Ozarks. 

Jeni Hopkins is one of Springfield's Remarkable Women

2022 Remarkable Women Nominee – Jeni Hopkins

Springfield, Mo. – Finalist Jeni Hopkins has spent her life and career replacing the word adversity with opportunity. Something she learned during her own time as an athlete and then a coach.

“The number one thing you can learn from sports is coping skills, to get up when you fall down, and to continue moving forward after you fail. You cannot succeed without failing first,” said Hopkins. 

2022 Remarkable Women Nominee – Vashon Borich-Leach

BRANSON, Mo. — During the month of March, KOLR 10, Ozarks Fox, and are honoring Remarkable Women. We asked people in the community to nominate women who inspire them, and our panel of judges selected four finalists.

One of those finalists is Vashon Borich-Leach, who is a martial arts instructor in Branson. She teaches Karate and Tai-Chi, as well as life lessons to inspire students in the real world.

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