(FOX) — The San Francisco 49ers passed on Aaron Rodgers during the 2005 NFL Draft, electing to go with Alex Smith with the first pick instead.

Flash forward to NFL Draft Day 2021 and the star quarterback’s name has been mentioned in trade rumors with those same 49ers.

According to KFAN Radio Thursday, the 49ers offered to trade the Green Bay Packers the No. 3 overall pick, Jimmy Garoppolo and several other players for Rodgers. Green Bay reportedly turned the deal down.

However, ESPN reported the rumor was not true and there were no calls between the two teams only adding to the intrigue with a few hours before the 49ers go on the clock.

San Francisco is expected to draft a quarterback but whether it is Mac Jones, Trey Lance, Justin Fields or someone else is unclear. The team could also end up trading Garoppolo at some point this weekend if they do draft a quarterback. ESPN reported that the chances of Garoppolo moving during the draft are “remote.”

Rodgers has been at the forefront of trade rumors since the Packers lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship in January. Rodgers told ESPN earlier this month he was unclear what the future holds and he wasn’t sure “that a lot of that is in my hands.”

Green Bay General Manager Brian Gutekunst said Monday the organization sees Rodgers as the team’s quarterback for the “foreseeable future.”

“Aaron’s our guy. He’s going to be our quarterback for the foreseeable future. We’re excited about the things we’re going to try to accomplish over the next couple years. So with the contract that you’re kind of talking about, it’s something that we’ll work through. We’re going to have to do probably a few things with contracts as we head to the season, and into the season, to make sure our salary-cap situation not only this year but also in 2022 is square,” he said, via Packers News.

“So we’re not done yet. We’ve done a lot to get here,” said the GM who has held the post since 2018, “We’ve kind of been doing things as we go, and we will continue to do that as we go.”