Youth Mission's Group Serving The Ozarks

ROCKAWAY BEACH, Mo. -- For one group of young people in Missouri, spending the summer helping those in need is more appealing than hanging out on the beach. 

The group from the Vencentian Marian Youth of Southeast Missouri, better known as VMY SEMO, helped out in the Branson area this week.

Thursday, these young people were working on the grounds of the "Bridge of Faith" church -- even repairing a roof in very warm temperatures.  

About 27 youth from VMY SEMO braved the extreme head to help repair the roof, gut a small building and beautify the grounds. The church will eventually build shops on the property for the community. 

The group consists of more than 100 young Catholics, who enter the community through missionary work and service to those in need. This week, they worked in teams around the Branson area.

Tina Lurk heads up the Rockaway Beach team.

 "It's huge for the kids to give back to people that need help," Lurk said, "I think it's a great experience for them. It's fulfilling to see that there are people out there that don't have the same comforts of home and living that they have. I think they need to experience and see that."

Lurk says she loves working with the team. 

 "Kind of fun because we get to teach them how to use a lot of the tools..air nailers that were on the roof," said Lurk, "We were showing them how to use artillery yesterday...saws. You know to stand back and show them those kinds of things that a lot of them don't get to do."

Jarrod Davis practically grew up in VMY SEMO

"The experience of helping someone is so rewarding," Davis said.

"I've been doing "Operation Overall" ..that's what our mission trip is called..since I was probably in the 8th grade. Now I'm 21-years-old, a junior in college and I decided to come back and be like a young adult leader for these guys," said Davis.

Davis encourages other young people to get involved.

"You know, if you have an opportunity to do something like this, then do it," Davis said, "Because if you don't do it.. you never know how good it feels much it means to somebody else like that, that needs it."

It won't be all work and no play for these young people. They are planning a Friday afternoon at the beach for some much needed cold water fun.


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