Young People Are Giving "Skoolies" an A+

NIXA, Mo.-- Adam Edwards is thirty years old. He graduated years ago.  Yet, to this day, he prefers to ride the school bus. 

"I love to travel,” he tells KOLR10. “I'm extremely handy. I can pretty much make anything from nothing."

Of course, where we see a middle school nightmare he sees a future dream home and one that only cost him $2000 at that.

"Yeah it's a pretty cheap house," he laughs. "I think the tiny house movement has caught on and some people have started building them from school buses instead of building them from scratch on trailers."

Once he's done with it, this “Skoolie” as their sometimes called, will fit a queen sized bed, a shower, a stove, and even a bathroom. 

"So it flushes and then it composts it,” he explains. 

It'll take a lot of work to get there but Edwards says he's got what it takes (namely a little elbow grease).

"My dad is a mechanic and my mom is a carpenter so I've got the skills to pay the bills," he says. 

Of course, there’s also the reassurance that it's a lifestyle plenty of people his age are pulling off. 

If it's any illustration that mobile living is on the rise, Kevin Broom with the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association says RV sales grew higher than ever in 2017. 

"We're at a record level of production,” Broom explains. "We're seeing millennials entering the market in a big way in their early thirties. They’re getting into the lifestyle for the savings and the flexibility."

"Traveling the highways and seeing the country, it's a lot easier than it used to be," Edwards says. 

And while building a “Skoolie” is a little different than buying an RV, Edwards says the mobile minimalist spirit is what counts. 

"I know I personally love it. I don't like being tied down,” he says. "I think it's fantastic. I think it's the new American dream."

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