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BERLIN (AP) — The German government said Tuesday it has resolved a long-running spat that will allow the construction of more than 1,000 onshore wind turbines, boosting efforts to expand the use of renewable energy.

The economy and transport ministries said in a joint statement that a deal has been struck to amend safety rules for weather radars and ground-based radio beacons for aircraft navigation.

Officials said this would allow wind turbines with an installed capacity of about 5 Gigawatts to be built in regions where they were previously banned.

Germany had some 28,000 onshore wind turbines at the end of last year. The center-left government that came to power last year has pledged to massively expand the use of renewable energy to reduce Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions and reduce its dependence on Russian energy supplies in the wake of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The Cabinet is expected to agree on numerous additional measures Wednesday to expand wind and solar power use in Germany.


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