Wood Stove Pellets in Short Supply This Winter

SPRINGFIELD - Those in the Ozarks who heat their homes with pellet stoves are dealing with a shortage.

A 40-pound bag of pellets will heat a home for about a day.

Vincent Smith, a technician with Smitty's Chimney Sweep and Stoves in Springfield told us 60 percent of the pellets made in America go overseas. There have been several fires at plants, that halts production, which hurts, especially this winter.

"Well now we've been having these real cold temperatures, getting close to zero and whatnot, and now people are leaving their stoves on and their turning their stoves up so they're burning a little more pellets than they normally do," Smith said. "Once again that gets us back into that demand, you know, demand is up."

Smith says this is not the first time he's seen a shortage like this.

Smith also told us there's no reason to panic, and he doesn't think his store will run out of pellets.

But while they are expecting a shipment soon, the store is limiting the number of bags each customer can buy.

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