Woman's Home Vandalized with Racist Graffiti

Swastika Spray-Painted on Single Mother's Front Door

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- While the big, black, spray-painted, swastika on Shemeka Mitchell’s front door is bad, she says, somehow, it wasn’t the discovery that upset her the most this weekend.  She says, instead, it was the discovery that her car had been vandalized too. 

 “The door can be fixed. It could be painted over. This is my transportation to work. This I have to get repaired," she says.

She assumes the Nazi emblem is one likely left by a young person sometime Saturday after her lupus medication caused her to fall into a deep sleep. 

"An adult would've done more damage," she says.

One thing she’s truly confident about is that the message was left on her porch for a reason.

"None of the other neighbors have it,” she says. “Nobody else's car is messed up. It's mine. They're white and I'm black. My daughter is 10 and my son is 17. I had to explain it to them and now they're scared to come out of the house."

The police report filed by Mitchell says responding officers "placed a special watch with dispatch for Mitchell's address."

But police would not be the only team responding to her distress call. 

In a video posted to Facebook, a man claims to represent the local Black Lives Matter movement while patrolling the street outside Mitchell’s home with other BLM members. 
Mitchell says it's that kind of support making this all a little easier. 

“That’s amazing,” Mitchell says. "I had no idea that it was that strong here until I went through this. They've shown me a lot of support. It wasn't just black people it was multiple races. The guy that came this morning. He was a white guy."

Springfield Police tell KOLR10 News there were a number of similar vandalisms that occurred over the weekend.. 
Of those vandalisms  that were reported, we're told Mitchell is the only African-American victim.

However, if you have similar vandalism and have yet to report it, Springfield Police encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

The NAACP Springfield Branch, Faith Voices of Southwest Missouri, and the Council of Churches of the Ozarks issued the following statement about the incident:

The NAACP Springfield Branch, Faith Voices of Southwest Missouri, and the Council of Churches of the Ozarks condemn the recent incident of hate-based vandalism, where one of Springfield residents found her door defaced with a swastika and her car windshield smashed.  
“This is an act of cowardice, damaging property with a hate sign and destroying this member of our community’s windshield,” says Cheryl Clay, President of the Springfield Branch of the NAACP.  “We sent someone out to paint the door and are arranging for the windshield to be replaced.”  
“This incident is part of an increase of hateful actions and is an affront to our communities of color, the Jewish community, those of different faith traditions, and people of different origins.” says Mark Struckhoff, Missouri Faith Voices Board Member and Executive Director of the Council of Churches of the Ozarks.  “We condemn this hateful action which is meant to intimidate and terrorize our community.”
“We are counting on the police to conduct a thorough investigation to find those responsible for this act of hate,” said Cheryl Clay.  “We are hoping that anyone who has knowledge of the perpetrators of this action will come forward because the time to stop these divisive hateful actions in our country and our community is now.”


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