SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – New information tonight about Hope, the dog that was dumped on the side of a road near Rogersville last week.

The woman accused of abandoning Hope in 96-degree weather has officially been charged with misdemeanor animal neglect and abandonment.

A video went viral last week, showing a female driver pull up, drop off a dog, and then drive off.

You can then see the dog running after the SUV.

However, the surveillance footage caught the crime in the act and eventually police made an arrest.

Hope’s foster mother Sara Phillips told KOLR10 the day Hope was abandoned, she was confused, dehydrated and burned parts of her paw pads from the hot road surface.

But good news tonight: Hope is recovering very well.

“Her paws are significantly better,” Phillips explained, “she’ll go out in the grass, and she started to run around and play with my dogs. I’ve heard her bark a couple of times, which has been a big deal. She’s coming out of her shell. She’s just very very sweet.”

Phillips told KOLR10 Hope follows her around everywhere and is glued to her side.

She seems like her heart is slowly recovering just like her paws.

Phillips also said she’s a very polite, respectful and sweet dog.

She will definitely make her next family very happy.