Woman Injured in Pyrotechnics Warehouse Explosion has Died

PLEASANT HOPE, Mo- A woman has died after being injured by a pyrotechnics warehouse explosion last week. 

The mother of the victim, Tracy Livingstone, posted the news on her Facebook page saying, "Today I say with a heavy heart my beautiful daughter, Samantha Dean / Wood has passed away."

Samantha was sent to the hospital in critical condition with 60% of her body burned. Tracy told KOLR10 she had 3rd-degree burns close to a 4th degree. 

"She had a beautiful smile, infectious. She is well loved," said Tracy. 

The fire happened last Tuesday, July 3rd, at AM Pyrotechnics. Samantha worked part-time at AM Pyrotechnics. 

Fire Chief Gregory Wood from Pleasant Hope says when they arrived on the scene, there were multiple explosions going off at the same time and they could hear the explosion from miles away.

Firefighters said it was very dangerous when they first arrived on the scene, so they used the aerial ladders in the air, just to attack the explosions and fire from a distance. But now, they believe it’s safe to go back in.

The Strafford Fire Chief Jake Agee fire says no firefighters were injured.

John Ham with ATF in Kansas City says in regards to the cause of the fire, "There's nothing to indicate this was anything but an accident. There's no suggestion of foul play but with so much damage, it takes time to recreate the blast."

"Passing of the victim will impact the investigation because it means we won't have an opportunity to interview her about what happened."

Ham says the state fire marshal's office will release the final "origin and cause" report and that routinely takes a few weeks.  Should have it within about 10 days.  ATF was there to help because of its experience.

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