Woman Grieves Loss of 3 Dogs Brutally Shot to Death

EAGLE ROCK, Mo. A woman is grieving the loss of her three beloved Labradors that were shot to death near her house.

"I kept thinking god this has got to be some sort of sick joke. So I called the vet, and I said I won't keep bothering you but I got to find out what is happening to my dogs, I don't understand," said Dani Johnson, a woman who owned three Labradors.

She had two chocolate, and one yellow Labradors in Eagle Rock.

She let them out to play last Tuesday, March 13, and when they didn't come back, she thought it was weird. 

Next morning, she called the local vet and asked if anyone finds her dogs, please contact her.

"So I get home and not five minutes later, my phone rings, and a gruff, almost demonic voice, says 'You called the vets office over there about some dogs,' and then I got excited, I thought oh goodie he found them. And... and... he said 'I'm just letting you know this, the dogs were shot, they're dead, they won't be coming home tonight'," said Johnson.

The yellow lab was Kaycee, and the two chocolate labs were Tug and Gus. 

Tug was 1, and Gus was nearly 7.

"If you could've seen these dogs. People wanted to take them from me in a loving way, they wanted them for therapy dogs. I got photographs of them with my grandkids, newborn babies, they were just so sweet, the sweetest dogs you ever saw," said Johnson.

Johnson said after she found out her dogs were shot, a witness came forward and said they saw it happen.

"The woman drove down in her golf cart and started viciously shooting the animals. Mutilated my Gus, she shot him, to mutilate his testicles," Dani said.

They brought the dogs home and buried them in their backyard.

Last week, Dani's friend Pamela Stilwell said Dani spoke to Barry County Sheriff's Department.

"She told Dani that there wasn't anything they could do because the dogs weren't on their own property," said Stilwell.

But Dani did speak to a detective earlier today and said they will be investigating the issue.

Barry County Sheriff's Office posted to Facebook "rest assured we are taking this incident seriously and are looking into it."

KOLR10 did reach out to the people the Johnson's believe shot their dog, but did not get a response yet.

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