Witnesses Describe Chaos During Kentucky School Shooting

BENTON, Ky. -- Police in Kentucky are still trying to determine a motive in yesterday's high school shooting there that left two students dead and 18 others injured. Of those who were shot, two are battling head wounds. 

Officials in Kentucky are asking that the 15-year-old responsible for the deadly high school shooting in the town of Benton yesterday, be tried as an adult. 
"He's going to be charged with two counts of murder and multiple charges of attempted murder," said Commissioner Richard W. Sanders of the Kentucky State Police.
At the moment, the alleged shooter's identity is being withheld and the court records are sealed because he's a minor, it would all be made public though if he's tried as an adult. Police are still trying to figure out why the suspect walked into Marshall County High School just as classes were starting, pulled out a pistol, and began shooting, hitting more than a dozen other students.

"It sounded like there was a fight, someone was hitting on the window I took out my headphones and turned around and everyone was just broken up they were running.  I saw the flashes from the gunshots and by that time I was just running."

It took first responders less than ten minutes to reach the school. Witnesses report seeing the suspect trying to flee after running out of bullets. Police say he was brought into custody without incident.  

Dusty Kornbacher owns the florist across the street from the school. She saw the entire scene play out through this window.
"You never think it's going to happen here. I'm sure that Sandy Hook and other places feel the same way but yet we're almost jaded because there are so many.  You're not all that surprised anymore unfortunately."  

Police have identified the two students killed. Both 15-years old, Baily Nicole Holt died at the school, Preston Ryan Cope died of his wounds at the hospital.
(John Schiumo, CBS News)

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