SPRINGFIELD, Mo – Before a storm hits, prepare for driving hazards.

Before getting on the road, mentally prepare; expect delays, allow extra time, increase the following distance, and reduce your speed.

It only takes a few inches of snow or sleet to cause a wreck. During active weather, adjust your speed limit to the current conditions.

In case you get stuck in the snow make sure you have your traveling kit which should include; extra clothes, blankets, candles and matches, non-perishable food, a windshield scraper, chains, phone and charger, flashlight and batteries, sand or cat litter, and first aid kit.

If you don’t have to travel during winter weather, stay off the roads, this helps snowplows clear the roads quicker.

4-wheel drive vehicles help with traction but not with braking or turning. Never overreact, steer in the direction of the slide, don’t slam on breaks, and drive slower.

If there is snow on your car, make sure to clear all of it off before driving!