SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – “Sharing Stories of the Crossroads” is an Ozarks-based history-themed radio show on KICK 92.3 FM & 1340 AM.

This week host John Sellars spoke with the man in charge of the small building across the street from the old downtown movie theater, Cpl. Rob Schroeder. The small building is called The Calaboose, which means ‘local jail’.

The former jail is now the home of the Springfield Police Museum.

“The calaboose was the city jail… The configuration of it is strange because it faces north, but it’s half a block south of the street there on College Street. And the reason for that was that the police department, when it was built, was on the second floor of the fire station that was there in that gap, that open space,” said Sellars.

He said the jail, which opened in 1892, was placed facing the back of the fire station, which was the police station as well.

Courtesy: Springfield Police Museum

“It was for city prisoners only. Anybody with more serious crimes was transported to the county,” said Sellars. In 2008 the police department celebrated its 150th anniversary and remodeled the calaboose. The Springfield History Museum helped put an exhibit together and it became an instant hit.

According to Sellars, every first Friday of the month during the Art Walk, The Calaboose opens its doors to the public. Private tours are given during off-seasons by appointment.

The exhibit contains pictures, badges, old equipment and stories from the long history of the Springfield Police Department.

Check out the video above to hear more about the history of The Calaboose.