SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield’s historical narrative traces back to the early 1800s, intricately weaving a collection of significant events that have span two centuries.

Come join OzarksFirst as we explore intriguing headlines and stories from this week, but with a twist – they’re from a century ago, meticulously preserved by the History Museum on the Square.

November 1923

Courtesy: Newspapers.com
  • St. John’s Hospital had a dedication for the new addition to the hospital on North Main Street.
    • The expansion almost doubled the number of patient rooms.
  • Hotel Sansone’s Thanksgiving menu is now available.
    • Guests were given the choice of either turkey, goose, suckling pig or rabbit.
  • Grand Opening for the new Thompson Racing Tire Company
  • The Speas Vinegar Company was forced to add workers for nightshifts to process the large shipments of apples they received to make vinegar

Now playing in 1923

The Electric Theatre 3 Wise Fools

Courtesy: Goldwyn Productions

The Jefferson Theatre and Princess TheatreDriven

Courtesy: Jewel Production

The Shrine Mosque – Kansas City Symphony and pianist Josef Hofman