SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield’s history can be traced to the early 1800s, creating an intricate mosaic of noteworthy occurrences spanning two centuries.

Join us in delving into captivating headlines and narratives from this week, but one hundred years in the past, as documented by the History Museum on the Square.

September 1923

  • One hundred and sixty freshmen enrolled at Drury College for the fall season. A new record high for the college.
  • Fresco Railroad announces they only have steel passenger cars for their trains.
    • They also announced the trains will now run on oil instead of coal-fired engines.
  • R. Ritchie Robertson announces an organization of orchestras for all junior high schools this year, thus increasing the importance of music departments.
  • Drury football prepares to play the Arkansas Razorbacks in a couple of weeks.

What’s for sale in 1923?

  • Flour – $0.95 for 24 lbs
  • Sugar – $1.00 for 10 lbs
  • Bread – 2 loaves for $0.25
  • Pinto Beans – $0.25 for 2 lbs
  • Coffee – $0.45/lbs
  • Ham – $0.18/lbs
  • Prime Rib – $0.125/lbs

Now Showing in 1923

The Jefferson Theatre and the Princess Theatre were both playing “Temptation”

Courtesy: C.B.C Film Sales Corporation

The Landers Theatre – The Beautiful and the Damned

Courtesy: Warner Bros.