SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield has been around since the early 1800s, and many significant events have occurred over the last 200 years.

Here’s a look at some interesting headlines and stories from this week from 100 years ago, according to the History Museum on the Square.

August 1923

August 1, 1923 – President Harding is on the road to recovery

  • “Harding has passed crisis. Dr. Sawyer tells newspapermen, Chief Executive will improve rapidly unless complications arise, the late bulletin says – Messages of hope from all sections of the country.”

August 3, 1923 – President Harding is Dead

  • At the time the white house medical staff thought it was a stroke, but now professionals think it was a heart attack.
  • The Voyage of Understanding (officially the Tour of the President to Alaska) was a trans-continental tour of the Western United States taken by President Warren G. Harding in the summer of 1923. It marked the first time a sitting president visited Alaska and Canada. The tour took place during the final weeks of Harding’s life, as he fell ill during the tour and died.

The state of Missouri is expected to produce 6000 rail cars of apples this year, as reported by W.L. English, supervisor of agriculture for the Frisco Lines.

Water turned in Reservoir this morning

  • Ten days will be required to fill the large lake at Fulbright Spring. After 8 years of construction, the water lines were turned on promptly at 8 a.m. This reservoir collects excess water for Springfield’s water supply.

Local Scenes to be Shown in Pictures

  • Professor A.P. Temple and his students have produced a 5 reel film showing life on the campus of State Teachers College. It will be shown in the State Teachers College theater for several occasions over the next few weeks.

Drunken Pigs

  • Cornell University is on their third generation of Guinea Pigs that have been drunk for 6 days a week, they plan to continue this study into the effects of chronic drunkenness.

Art Exhibit on Display at College

  • The annual exhibition of pupils’ work of the art department at SW State Teachers College is on display in room 40 for the public. Miss Deborah Weisel’s students work in fashion design, scenic painting, and drawing.

On Sale!

Heers has a sale on capes for just under $20, at $19.75.

  • Usually, they are $39.50.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 1923, $19.75 had the same buying power as $352.39 and $39.50 was comparable to $704.78.

Dr. Mills Dentistry advertises Teeth Extracted without Pain, by use of Nitrous-Oxide gas.

  • Just $3.50 per tooth. Just call 2714. They are located on the south side of the Square. $62.45 per tooth today.

In the theaters:

Grand Theater – William S. Hart stars in “Shootin Through”

  • Adults 10 cents
  • Kids 5 cents

Electric Theater – Bebe Daniels and Nita Naldi star in “The Glimpses of the Moon”

Princess Theater – Tom Mix stars in “Three Jumps Ahead”

  • This movie features a thrilling stagecoach leap over a canyon twenty feet wide and ninety feet deep.