BRANSON, Mo. — While the Welk Resorts condos in Branson were close to completion, the sprinkler system had not been activated yet.

Among the crews working the scene was the Branson Fire Department.

Branson Fire Chief, Ted Martin, said one of their priorities was keeping the flames from spreading to a second four-story condo building located just 50 feet away.

Martin explained,”So we took our first objective to just save the second building. So we got a wall of water in between the two structures just to cool that area. And then once we had enough fire flow from the hydrants systems, plus apparatus and manpower, we started putting our efforts towards that building that was on fire.”

The fire was contained to the attic area and the fourth floor and Welk Resorts says it may still be usable.

Although it’s believed it could be electrical in nature, the cause of the fire in still under investigation.