Happy Wednesday!

Temperatures around the area are on the warm side. Springfield did not make it to the 80° mark, but many towns did.

Warmth will continue for one more day on Thursday. We can expect temperatures into the mid-to-upper 70s with strong southerly winds. Other than the winds, it will be a calm day across the area.

Late Thursday, into early Friday, a cold front will begin to move through the area. The chance for storms will be low (much higher in the Kansas City area) and precipitation amounts will be on the lighter side. What we can expect is strong, gusty winds. We could see some light rain for your Friday morning commute.

What the cold front lacks in rain, it will make up for in temperatures. This weekend will begin to feel more like an early winter’s day. We can expect high temperatures in the 50s.

Don’t forget about the Annular Solar Eclipse on Saturday! While we won’t have a great view thanks to cloud coverage, it’s worth a shot to look for it.