AVA, Mo. — A farmer made an interesting catch in his barn in Ava, Missouri, on Jan. 14.

An African serval was rescued from a farm’s hay barn after the owner of the property noticed a “strange looking medium-sized cat on his farm,” according to a press release from the refuge. It was a medium-sized cat with a bright coat with dark spots and strips, long legs and huge ears. The cat was spotted several times in the area over the past six months.

Less than 12 hours later, the female cat was caught in a live trap the farmer set up. He then called the Missouri Department of Conservation, which in turn contacted Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge on Jan. 17.

It is unknown how the serval arrived in the area. The serval was examined by a veterinarian, who deemed her to be around 3 years old and in good health.

“It was amazing that this young serval could survive six months like she has, but she obviously was successful by the amount of bird feathers we found onsite,” said Turpentine President Tanya Smith.

Servals thrive on the African savannahs, where the weather is warm and dry. They are susceptible to frostbite in places with weather such as Missouri’s.

The serval is now in Eureka Springs, on Turpentine Creek’s property

If you want to watch the rescue of the cat in its entirety, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge has shared it on its YouTube channel.