JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. —  A hearing is scheduled before a Missouri Senate committee today, on two bills requiring voters to have a photo ID to cast a ballot.

The Missouri House passed the two bills last week.  (HB 1631 and Joint Resolution 53)

They would require voters to show photo ID’s before casting ballots. The new measures are getting responses from supporters and critics alike.

Supporters say this will help prevent voter fraud by verifying the voter’s identity before a ballot is case.

But others say people without a state-issued ID shouldn’t have to buy one just to vote.  They compare it to a poll tax.

Supporters argue that the laws aren’t inconvenient because a majority of residents have some form of photo ID already.

The Financial & Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee meets at 2:00 p.m.

There  here have been several attempts in stricter voter ID laws in the last decade. Current Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoed several voter ID bills in the past.