SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A monument honoring military working dogs (MWD) in Fort Leonard Wood was created by a man who lives in Springfield.

James Hall says he was inspired while working with the Military Police Regimental Association at the Fort Leonard Wood base since 2009.

“I got to observe the military working dogs in action one day and, it was just astounding,” said Hall.

Sergeant Danielle Brennand says she and Sherra, her military working dog, have worked together for several years and have a special relationship.

“I have spent almost three and a half years with my MWD,” said Brennand. “So, he has definitely become more like my child in a way because you are together 24-7.”

Sgt. Brennand says the dogs are utilized for the security and safety of the team. To her, Sherra is so much more. The military dog provides emotional support, especially when she was deployed to Kuwait.

“After a couple of months, you settle in and you start to get homesick,” said Brennand. “They go through everything with you.”

At the sculpture’s dedication, Brennand says it gave her great pride to see MWD and their handlers get recognition.

“Making sure that they (MWDs) are getting their recognition and making sure they are not forgotten and all of the great things the dogs have done for us for many many years and that they continue to do for us,” said Brennand. “They are such a great asset; there is nothing else that will ever beat them.”

Hall has three other sculptures at Fort Leonard Wood. He takes great pride in his work and the honor they represent.