SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– A company specializing in medical marijuana card evaluations is offering pro bono services to veterans during the month of July.

The company, appropriately name Missouri Marijuana Card, is the sister company of Ohio Marijuana Card, which claims to be the state of Ohio’s “leading provider of medical marijuana evaluations”.

“As part of our launch,” the companies president, Connor Shore, said in a statement, “we wanted to give back to those that have served this country. We’ve witnessed firsthand in Ohio how many Veterans use medical marijuana to alleviate PTSD symptoms, but unfortunately, the lack of insurance coverage has made access prohibitively expensive for some.”

Missouri Marijuana Card says it plans to open three clinics, as soon as it’s legal to do so in the Show-Me State. The clinics are expected to open in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield by “mid-July”.

Missouri voters approved an amendment to the state’s constitution, which would legalize marijuana use for medical treatment, back in 2018.

After months of state planning, dispensaries are expected to open before the end of 2019.