SPRINGFIELD, Mo- Shuffle, a live music bar on S. Campbell, is six months into a new idea that serves as music to the ears of local musicians.

It’s called Shuffle Shakedown. Dan Strickland, the owner, came up with the idea.

“It’s essentially band practice,” Strickland says.

Shuffle Shakedown takes place every Tuesday night at the venue.

“They can practice, they can use our sound system, which is what they would be using if they were playing here. My sound guy comes in and runs it just like a show.”

Dan Strickland, Owner of Shuffle

Dan says it’s interesting to hear the bands work on their setlist even though you may hear the same songs on repeat.

The band taking the stage Tuesday night this week was City Girls, an Eagles tribute band.

The band formed in early July, and thankfully for the rest of the band members, the drummer for City Girls is also the sound guy at Shuffle.

City Girls is made up of about 10 musicians who have played in other bands prior. Some of the band members say being able to have practice on an actual stage is a dream.

City Girls practicing for their first show

“We’ve probably all practiced in some really crappy little garages, holes in the wall, living rooms. It’s a whole other experience going form practicing in a garage to practicing on a legit stage that’s basically a mock-up show,” says Jeremiah Sharpless, City Girls drummer and Shuffle sound man.

Dan says if your local band would like to practice on their stage, you can message them on Facebook. For more on Shuffle, click here.