SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– According to the Greene County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Charles Nelson now faces murder and armed criminal action charges after allegedly shooting and killing 26-year-old Dominique Lucious of Springfield.

According to a probable cause statement, law enforcement officers were called out to an apartment located within a complex on North Main Ave. in Springfield on Thursday, April 8, 2021. There, officers say they found a person dead. The person had noticeable gunshot wounds.

That same day, detectives interviewed someone living at the address officers were dispatched to. This person is only identified in court documents as “S.D.” and is described using “he/his/him” pronouns.

According to S.D., Lucious stayed at the apartment overnight and, in the morning, told S.D. she needed to use the bathroom. Lucious reportedly told S.D. she needed to freshen up before meeting someone she was expecting to stop by the apartment.

After Lucious left the bathroom, S.D. told officers he went back to sleep. Later, S.D. awoke to the sound of gunshots.

Rushing out to find the source of the shots, S.D. reported seeing a man standing in the living room, noticing Lucious’s body on the couch. S.D. told authorities he grabbed his phone and took photos of the man’s car as it drove away.

In an interview with authorities, S.D.’s neighbor (identified in court documents as J.T.) said he too heard gunshots.

“J.T. said he looked out his window and saw a black male getting into a black car,” documents read.

According to detectives, surveillance video, gathered from a nearby business, shows a car identical to the vehicle in S.D.’s photos heading east on Central St., toward Main Ave.

During a sweep of S.D.’s apartment, investigators found what family confirmed to be Lucious’s cell phone. Using the passcode, investigators were able to locate text messages between Lucious and a number later linked to Charles Nelson.

In the series of texts sent between Lucious and Nelson, which began on April 8, 2021, investigators say Lucious was, “asking how much of a controlled substance could be received for an apparent sexual act.”

Court documents say Lucious received sexual photos from Nelson. In them, authorities say a unique pair of boxers can be seen. Nelson was reportedly wearing those same boxers during a search conducted after he was taken into custody.