BRANSON, Mo. — The 2020 Olympic Games are more than just featuring great athletes. The games are also made up of hundreds of officials from all over the world officiating in some of the biggest games of their careers.

Christina Drumm has just made it back home after calling the bronze medal game in softball.

Drumm has been umpiring softball games for years.

“Could have never thought 27 about years ago that this passionate hobby would be taking me to these kinds of events and adding so much value to my life,” said Drumm.

In her career, Drumm has been able to umpire some of the top softball games, including the world championships and games for the NCAA. Now she can add the 2020 Olympics to her resume.

“It was great to again be awarded that assignment, to earn that assignment amongst a phenomenal group of umpires across the world, where any of them could have been able to step in and take that assignment,” said Drumm. “So it was pretty awesome. Tried to look around and savor the moment.”

However, with COVID-19 causing the Olympics to be4 postponed there were times when Drumm thought she might not get the chance to umpire in Tokyo, Japan.

“Kind of tried to just not think about it because you know again, this was my only opportunity to actually go to the Olympics in my umpiring cycle so would’ve been a little disappointing,” said Drumm.

Luckily, she made it to Tokyo, and Drumm’s parents from Cape Fair, Missouri were rooting for her from across the globe.

“The timezones weren’t always that nice, with the late-night and early morning games streamed and on TV, but they were troopers and watch as much as they could,” said Drumm.

Drumm says she appreciates all of the support for the sport she loves.

“It just helps the softball community in getting the recognition and viewership that it deserves,” said Drumm.