Happy Tuesday! Have you noticed a little bit of a haze in the air? When you walk outside, you most definitely do not see blue sky as there is a thin layer of smoke.

Most of the eastern half of the United States is being affected by wildfires burning in Canada. On the visible satellite, you can see a light gray over the Ozarks. This is the smoke. If we were seeing a bright blue sky, it would show up black on the visible satellite. I do think the haze has helped to keep our temperatures a few degrees cooler than what it could soar to with full sunshine.

Notice the white, cotton ball-looking puffs to the southwest of Springfield? Those are clouds and thunderstorms bubbling up with the heating of the day. The showers and storms should stay to the far southwestern corner of the viewing area, as the rest of the Ozarks is starting to see extremely dry dewpoints sinking in from the northeast.

Overnight temperatures will be seasonal for this time of year. As Jamie Warriner says, it will be “comfy cool” when you wake up on Wednesday.

Many spots will touch 90 degrees for the first time Wednesday with sunny skies still dominant overhead with light northwest winds around 5 to 10 mph. There is a slight chance for some rain to creep in after dark Wednesday night, but most areas should remain dry with better rain chances arriving Thursday, but still scattered.

Temperatures will be slightly lower Thursday and Friday with afternoon highs in the mid-80s. There is a low chance for rain Friday. However, rain chances begin to look pretty high going into Saturday and Sunday.

A cold front will come to the Ozarks Saturday night and will bring a decent chance for rain Saturday evening into Sunday. Temperatures will also be nice behind the front to start off next week with highs that Sunday and Monday expected to be around 80 degrees and overnight lows around 60 degrees.