Trust Awards 2: Trai Allgeier

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - We continue our Better Business Bureau trust awards coverage.

On this week's finalist feature, KOLR10 talked to Trai, the second finalist.

Trai Allgeier is the owner of Point Performing Arts here in Springfield and teaches almost 200 students.

Allgeier interacts with children on a daily basis.

"And so I'm constantly having to prove that I'm trustworthy and loyal because parents don't want to send their children to somebody that they can't trust with them as well," said Allgeier, who's also the Point Performing Arts studio owner.

"She's a great role model for the kids, I think she's very strong for them," said Susan Allgeier, Trai's mother, who also nominated her, "not everybody can be a teacher, and she is."

Susan said Trai started dancing when she was two years old.

"I dance professionally in la and new york too, and then kind of ended up in Springfield Missouri and really glad I am that I did," Trai said, "and it's just something that has taught me so many lessons, and I'm really happy that I can pass that along."

Allgeier also teaches a class called "superstars." 

The class includes students with down syndrome or in wheelchairs.

"It's a non-profit, they don't have to pay for it, they just get to dance and get their costumes for free," Trai said.

Susan said, "years ago, she noticed that they had a group of children dancing with special needs children, she came back and nothing was offered around here like that, and so she decided that she wanted to offer it."

Trai's dance students said they have nothing but positive experiences with her.

"Trai and I actually talk a lot, like I go to a lot of dance competitions with the younger girls whenever I'm not dancing, so I'm helping her, she's just always very, wants everybody to get taken care of," said Heaven Woodrow, a dance student, "everyone is important to her."

"She just makes me feel very confident and teaches us how to do the best we can, and she prepares us for like when we do go out to dance in the professional world," said Abigayle Massey, another dance student.

Trai usually keeps her students around for years.

The winner will be selected at an event on October 6th.

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