STOCKTON, Mo. — The trial has been set for a southwest Missouri couple facing multiple charges of abuse against girls at a Christian reform school.

Boyd and Stephanie Householder’s pre-trial conference is set to begin on November 13, 2023, at the Cedar County Courthouse. The trial is set to begin on November 27, 2023, and is expected to last until December 15, 2023. The Householders were arrested in 2021 and faced over 100 felonies between them.

Boyd and Stephanie Householder were charged with multiple counts of abuse at the Circle Girls Ranch in Cedar County Courthouse. In July 2021 the couple was released from jail after reporting health issues. The couple was placed under home confinement while they awaited their trial. Their attorney reported that Boyd had contracted COVID-19 and his wife had a serious blood clot condition.

The investigation into the couple and the reform school began in November 2020 and in August 2021, 24 girls were removed from the ranch by Child Protective Services.