Trial Set for Man Accused of Kidnapping Girl with Autism

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- A man accused of kidnapping and enticing a girl with autism in December of 2016 now has a trial date set for late this year.

59-year-old Harrold J. Brooks will face a jury beginning November 13.

He was denied a bond reduction which is currently at $500,000. 

Brooks was first taken into custody charged with kidnapping and attempted enticement of a child on Thursday, December 22, 2016.

The details of this case revealed in court documents are disturbing. A 13-year-old teen with autism was found the morning of Wednesday, December 21. She had been missing since  Tuesday evening. 

"I got home at four o'clock and the police was here," said Allan Weisner.

Wisner says there was heavy police activity in their neighborhood when Brooks was taken into custody Wednesday.

"The detectives were going through his house and I saw them carrying out brown paper sacks with stuff in it," he said.

Another neighbor who didn't want to be identified says kids here were escorted by officers from the bus stop to their doorstep while all that was going on.

"When you have a detective knocking on your door with your kid, it's scary," she said.

"Any adult with common sense who finds a 13-year-old child walking around at night doesn't take them to their house, and doesn't contact the police or somebody else," said Lt. Culley Wilson with Springfield Police.

Court documents state Brooks took the teen to his house on South Place. The 13-year-old said she ate and watched a movie, and that Brooks removed her clothes and washed it.

He then tried kissing her, which she described as disgusting, according to the probable cause statement.  She told investigators she was given a pill before going to bed naked and covered with a blanket. In the morning, he took her to a bus stop, that's when a CU Transit driver recognized her.

"It just made me nervous because I've just been worried about her condition," said T.J. Davis, the CU Transit Bus Driver that found the girl.

"Another prayer answered," said Davis.

And one neighbor says while they didn't know him much, they didn't see this coming from Brooks.

"Because of his wheelchair, he didn't really get out much. He was a friendly guy, it wasn't someone who you'd be like 'that could be that type of person'," she said.

But now they worry for their own kids.

"Everyone is that area has kids, I have kids," said one neighbor.

"And if he gets out of jail on this it's going to worry a lot of people because - can their kids go out in the yard and play,?" said Wisner.

At this point, police say they don't know yet if there was any physical or sexual assault. And that the investigation is still ongoing. Lt. Wilson says more charges are possible.

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