STOCKTON, Mo. – Court appearances and trials for a southwest Missouri couple accused of abuse at a Christian reform school have been canceled and reset for late 2024.

Online court records indicate pretrial conferences set for this week and trials set to begin on Nov. 27 have been canceled for Boyd and Stephanie Householder.

The Householders are charged with multiple counts of abuse at the Circle Girls Ranch in Cedar County. They were arrested in 2021 and faced over 100 felonies between them.

The investigation into the couple and the reform school began in November 2020 and in August 2021, 24 girls were removed from the ranch by Child Protective Services.

After reporting health issues, they were placed on home confinement while awaiting trial. Conditions of release included wearing electronic monitoring devices, but that restriction was lifted for Stephanie Householder on Tuesday, Nov. 7

Court records show Judge David Munton has instructed attorneys in the case to provide available dates for a three-week trial to begin after Sept. 30, 2024.