KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce continues to make headlines with his new relationship with pop star Taylor Swift.

In this week’s episode of his “New Heights” podcast, he commented on how his stats have improved as Swift continues to attend his games.

Even Chiefs coach Andy Reid noticed Kelce’s improvement in the last couple of games.

“Kelce is getting better with time,” Reid said during a press conference after Sunday’s game. “Taylor can stay around all she wants.”

During Wednesday’s new episode, Kelce briefly chatted about Big Red’s approval of the new romance.

“You know when you get Coach Reid’s approval, your doing something right,” Kelce said.

The Chiefs are 4-0, and Kelce has recorded an average 108 receiving yards per game when Swift was in attendance. But when Swift hasn’t been at the game, the Chiefs are 2-1, and Kelce has seen an average of just 46.5 receiving yards per game.

During the broadcast of Sunday’s Chiefs game, CBS said it seems Kelce has been “left to his own devices,” a reference to Swift’s hit single “Anti-Hero,” when the popstar isn’t there.

Kelce said it’s crazy to see the stats change since Swift started popping into Arrowhead.

“It’s hard for me to wrap my head around that,” Kelce said.

Swift was also seen wearing a friendship bracelet with “87” on it, a full circle moment for the new couple. Back in July, Kelce revealed he failed to give her a bracelet during her Kansas City stop of the Eras Tour.

At some point, their paths crossed, as she’s now been seen cuddling up with Kelce multiple times.