SPRINGFIELD, Mo- Parallel parking can be a headache for a lot of people. Whether you’re trying to fit into a tight spot or you are causing traffic back-ups, parallel parking is not fun. 

The Springfield News-Leader posted a story last week of a girl who tried to parallel park in downtown Springfield resulting in her losing her driver side door.

So here are some helpful tips to not end up like her or to help you impress your significant other on Valentines Day before dinner.

According to DMV.org, the first step you want to take is to find the spot you want. From there you want to use your turn signal to let other drivers know you are about to park, once you flip that on check for other drivers around you to make sure you’re in the clear to park.

How to properly parallel park.

Following that step, you want to line your car up alongside the car in front of the spot you want to park at, you do this to give you enough room to park comfortably in the spot. 

According to DMV.org, you next turn your wheel and the direction you turn it depends on which side of the street you are parking on. If you are parking on the right side of the road you want to turn your steering wheel right causing you to reverse into the spot with the backend of your car going first.

Proceed to back into the spot until you are out of the road and in the parking spot. Finally, you are comfortably in the parking spot, DMV.org says to make sure you have enough space between you and the parked cars around you.

Now you have learned how to properly parallel park.

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