BRANSON, Mo– “All the sudden our phone went off saying head for cover and I heard a loud noise and I knew that sound was a tornado coming at us,” said Chloe Kelley, a Branson West resident with neighbors and volunteers behind her cleaning up the aftermath of Friday nights storms.

The National Weather Service has confirmed that an EF1 tornado touched down in Branson Friday as the storm passed through. The EF1 had winds up to 90 miles per hour and left path width of 75 yards and a path length of .67 miles. The deadly tornados left chaos in their wake in the Midwest and south killing several people, including two right here in Missouri.

Tom Martin, with Stone County Emergency Management, says four families are without a place to stay after straight-line winds damaged homes near Fritz Way, off Route 413. Those four families are currently being helped by The Red Cross

Branson West resident Chloe Kelley also stated that when a tornado watch or warning comes on for your area to not wait around and take cover. “When it goes from a watch to a warning, just get in there…it hit so fast.”

Martin also states that both kids and adults, more than 15, have been displaced but with no injuries.

The storm moved east and left a path of destruction from Arkansas to Illinois and Kentucky after making its impact felt on the Ozarks. President Biden called the devastation an unimaginable tragedy.