Top Medical Stories of the Week - June 9, 2018

NEW YORK - Whether breast cancer patients actually need chemotherapy and this year's flu season becomes one of the deadliest for children. Here is a look at some of this week's top health stories.

The flu killed more children this year than any other regular flu season since health officials started tracking pediatric flu deaths more than a decade ago.

The CDC reports 172 children have died since October.

A new study finds the majority of patients with the most common type of breast cancer can safely opt out of chemotherapy.

Research in the New England Journal of Medicine looked at thousands of women at intermediate risk for their cancer to recur.

It found about 70-percent can be treated without chemo.

And more than 11 million Americans may have incorrect prescriptions for aspirin, statins and blood pressure medications.

A new study from Stanford University finds the data used to determine the risk of a heart attack or stroke hasn't been updated since the 1940's, and therefore doesn't take into account changes to diet, environment and medical treatments during the last seventy years.

(Kenneth Craig, CBS News)

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