Top Medical Stories of the Week - June 2, 2018

NEW YORK - Why green tea could help your heart and a new recommendation on screening for colon cancer.

New guidelines from the American Cancer Society recommend adults begin getting screened for colorectal cancer at 45 years old, rather than at age 50.

The recommendation is for anyone at average risk. It comes in response to an increase in colorectal cancer rates in younger and middle aged adults.

Long term exercise is the best way to stay mentally sharp.  

Researchers in Minneapolis looked at several studies and found at least 52 hours of exercise over about six months improved brain processing speed.  

People who exercised 34 hours or less over the same time period did not show any cognitive improvement.

Green tea could help prevent heart attacks and strokes, according to research in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Scientists say a compound in the tea breaks up dangerous plaques in arteries, which can reduce the flow of blood to the heart and the brain.

(Kenneth Craig, CBS News)

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