Top Medical Stories - June 30, 2018

NEW YORK - The new recommendation for expectant mothers and how physical activity may help patients battling depression lower their heart disease risk.

A study at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas suggests patients with high levels of fitness at middle age were much less likely to die from heart disease later in life, even if they were diagnosed with depression. 

Researchers say the earlier people start exercising, the more likely they are to avoid depression throughout their lives.

Visiting a pediatrician prior to giving birth could be essential to your baby's health. That's according to a new report in the journal Pediatrics.

Doctors recommend the visit during the third trimester of pregnancy to cover safety topics like car seats and vaccines and even postpartum depression.

And diabetic mothers could be putting their children at risk for autism.

New research in JAMA finds mothers with pre-existing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes as well as gestational diabetes have higher rates of children on the autism spectrum.

(Nikki Battiste, CBS News)

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