A simple eye exam could help screen patients for Alzheimer’s disease. That’s according to new research from Washington University School of Medicine.  By measuring the thickness of the retina and fibers in the optic nerve, the study found doctors were able to determine if a patient would likely develop Alzheimer’s. The new screening tool would cost less than a PET scan.

Swedish researchers discovered that newborns immune systems begin to adapt to their new environment immediately after birth. Doctors studied blood samples over a 12 week period to determine how prone newborn babies were to infections. Doctors hope to one day use the technique to prevent autoimmune diseases and allergies.

And, we know E. Coli can cause food poisoning but researchers say the bacteria also has benefits for people with anemia. A study at the University of Colorado shows E. Coli produces a compound that helps boost iron levels in cells.

(Meg Oliver, CBS News)