Today's Top Medical News - August 1, 2017

A new study suggests older women with a history of gum disease may also have an elevated cancer risk.  Researchers at the University of Buffalo tracked data on 65,000 post-menopausal women  and found those with periodontal problems had a 14-percent higher risk for cancer. The link to esophageal and gallbladder cancers was especially high.

More than a third of Americans used prescription opioids in 2015 and a significant number say they misused or abused them. That's according to a new national survey published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.  More than 12-million adults reported problems with use. Most were uninsured and unemployed.

And the heart health benefits of the Mediterranean diet have been well-documented, with its emphasis on vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains. But now Italian researchers caution those benefits may be limited to people with higher incomes and education levels.  A new study suggests people with fewer social advantages aren't seeing the same reductions in cardiovascular risks.

(Don Champion, CBS News)

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