Today's Top Medical Stories - July 5, 2018

Kids whose mothers stick to a healthy diet and weight, exercise regularly, drink moderately and don't smoke are 75-percent less likely to become obese.   
The risk was further reduced if both mother and child maintained healthy habits.
Harvard researchers reached their conclusion after examining the lifestyle and health records of 24,000 children between the ages of 9 and 18 -- and their mothers. 
One in five children in the us is considered obese.

European research suggests men who include nuts in their diet are more likely to have higher quality and more functional sperm. 
A 14-week study of 119 healthy men found those who ate almonds, hazlenuts and walnuts had a higher sperm count and better vitality and motility, compared to those who didn't.  

And combining antibiotics with other antibiotics, different drugs or food additives could change or even halt their effectiveness. 
Scientists studied 3,000 drug combinations. 
Some pairings were also found to defeat antibiotic resistance.

(Nikki Battiste, CBS News)

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