Today's Top Medical News - June 8,  2018

Encouraging news about tobacco use and who is most susceptible to depression. 

The elderly are most at risk for depression. Dutch researchers tracked one thousand people from 18-to-88-years-old and found those 70 and older are more likely to use antidepressants, be lonely and experience more chronic diseases and pain. The study also reveals almost one in five adults will have a major depressive episode in their life. 

Tobacco use is declining among US middle and high school students.  A government survey reports that users dropped from 4.5 million in 2011, to 3-point-6 million in 2017. Almost two-thirds said they use e-cigarettes, which is now the most commonly used tobacco product for that age group. 

And new research suggests a simple blood test could help predict whether a pregnant woman is at risk for premature birth.  Last year,  the National Center for Health Statistics reported an increase in pre-term deliveries for the third straight year.

(Nikki Battiste, CBS News)

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