SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Missourians have one final sleep before the midterm election arrives tomorrow. But if you know you might not have time to go and vote tomorrow, there is still time for you to vote early.

No-excuse absentee voting allows for early voting without having to give a reason why. For the past two weeks, voters in Missouri have had the chance to take advantage of this new law.

Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller said his office has seen an uptick in early voters.

“We’ve had a good turnout in terms of people — especially over the past week — that have come and cast their vote early before the election, so we’ve been pleased with the number of folks that have come out here in the past few days,” Schoeller said.

KOLR10 asked Schoeller about the number of early voters this year compared to 2018 and he said it’s hard to compare the elections because they didn’t offer no-excuse absentee voting four years ago.

But they are seeing a constant voter turnout in this election.

In 2018, voter turnout for the midterm election was 72%, according to Schoeller.

This year he expects someone around the mid-50s but Schoeller and his team will take one more final look before the election to see where they stand with that.

Schoeller also stated that his team has made sure that every polling location in Greene County will have an adequate number of election judges with backup judges waiting to step in if need be.

Schoeller has also run numerous tests on election equipment to make sure that everything is functioning properly for the election tomorrow.

“We’re doing really well,” Schoeller said. “We actually have enough judges to be there on the day of the election and we also have backup judges who are ready to go. We test every piece of equipment that is out there on the day of the election.”

Schoeller says that after certifying the equipment for the day of the election, they also test the machines afterward to make sure that the equipment was working properly during the election. They also do a hand count at no less than 5% percent at all polling locations.