SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Some marijuana dispensaries began selling recreational marijuana this past weekend.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services began approving or denying requests on Friday, Feb. 3, to ensure that all systems and processes were ready to go ahead of today’s deadline.

The department has 60 days to approve or deny requests for a dispensary to sell medical and recreational marijuana.

According to the Missouri DHSS, 97% of dispensaries submitted requests on Dec. 8. 

For those who submitted requests in time but haven’t heard back on those requests, today is the deadline.

According to Lisa Cox with the DHSS, the department approved 335 of the state’s licensed medical marijuana facilities to convert their license to a comprehensive license, meaning dispensaries can sell both medical and recreational cannabis.

As of Friday, there were 200 marijuana dispensaries that were already given the green light to begin selling recreational cannabis, with more starting today.

A couple of reminders for customers: you have to be 21 years of age and have a valid ID to purchase recreational cannabis.

A lot of the same rules for alcohol apply to marijuana as well. Customers can not smoke and drive and they can not smoke in public places.