SPRINGFIELD, Mo.–In two days, the jury selection process will begin in Governor Eric Greitens’ trial for felony invasion of privacy, but we still don’t know if he will testify at the trial.

KOLR10 spoke to Adam Woody, a defense attorney unaffiliated with this case about what the chances are of him taking the witness stand. 

Woody says it’ll all depend on how strong the prosecution’s evidence is against Greitens and if his team feels it’s necessary for him to testify based on their arguments.

As a defense attorney, Woody thinks that Greitens will testify because of what he anticipates the state’s evidence will show.

He says Governor Greitens has been quiet with the media regarding the case most likely saving what he’ll say for the witness stand.

However, if the prosecution doesn’t present a case that the defense believes the jury would convict him of then Woody says he probably won’t testify.

If Greitens does take the stand, Woody says there are some additional factors that could help him win over the jury.

“In this case, Governor Greitens obviously is going to be well spoken, well rehearsed, he’s going to be dynamic on the witness stand, which again these things are perfect for a criminal defense client in a criminal case. He has all the attributes of someone you would want as a client,” says Woody. 

Adam Woody says a lesser charge Greitens could possibly plead to is second degree invasion of privacy, which is a misdemeanor and according to state law is still an impeachable offense.

Jury selection starts this Thursday and KOLR10  will be there for that and for the duration of the trial.