Every year in the fall and spring we have to set our clocks to the time change, but have you ever heard of doing the same to your ceiling fan? With the impending cooler weather, now is the time to switch the fan its winter setting.

For the summer months, we want those fans to go counterclockwise. If you stand under it, you should feel a breeze. With the counterclockwise setting, air is forced straight down, producing a wind chill effect. While it won’t change the temperature of a room, it will help to cool you down.

During the winter months, we want fans to go clockwise. Warm air rises and collects on the ceiling. Setting the fan clockwise will send air upward to disrupt the warm air, pushing it to the floor.

According to the Department of Energy, in the summer months of using an air conditioner to cool your home, a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting by about 4°F, while still staying comfortable. Hunter Fans, a Memphis-based company, estimates ceiling fans can cut summer electricity bills by over $100.