It’s been one of those weeks where the umbrella and rain jacket have been put to good use! After a peculiarly dry April, May has started off with a good soaking (and we are only 11 days in). Rolla/Vichy is still struggling, but we do have additional rain chances in the near future.

Thursday evening showers will be moving out of the area fairly early on. A few lingering showers could be a possibility late evening into the overnight timeframe, especially for our eastern counties.

The Ozarks will stay mostly dry and calm overnight, but the chance for another round of rain and storms will move in early Friday. It will likely be another wet morning commute for parts of the Ozarks.

By Friday afternoon more isolated cells could get going, and if they do, they could quickly turn severe Friday afternoon. Although we do have a marginal risk for severe weather, the Storm Prediction Center has narrowly left us out of the slight risk for Friday.

The weekend will be a repeat of the past few days, with scattered showers and storms possible on both days with temperatures staying in the 80’s. On Mother’s Day, the greatest chance of rain will be in the afternoon/evening hours. Sunday brunch may be good to go to be outside if desired, but evening dinner plans may need to arrange to be indoors or at least under cover. Otherwise, Sunday afternoon should be nice enough with temperatures in the low 80s and light southwest winds.