Three-Year-Old Girl Crashes Fathers Motorcycle, Currently In Hospital

MIAMI DADE, Fl. Surveillance video captured a terrifying moment when a 3-year old girl crashed her father's motorcycle while he chased after her.

The little girl remains in the hospital Thursday night.

"And once he got outside the residence, he saw his three-wheel motorcycle proceeding westbound on the street in front of their house being driven by the three-year-old daughter," said Detective Lee Cowart with the Miami-Dade Police.

The surveillance video is tough to watch, so we've stopped it before the toddler hits the sidewalk.

Investigators say the father parked his motorcycle outside a home. 

Later..  he noticed something was wrong and took off after the motorcycle, trying to stop the bike but was dragged until he fell.

The little girl was rushed to the hospital.

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