Neighbors in a Nixa neighborhood say a crime like the one that happened this morning, never happens.

“I thought it was further down the street, so I didn’t know it was, you know, two doors over until I got back,” Sheryl Crain said.

“You know, it’s pretty scary. We’ve been here five years and it’s been peaceful and quiet. We never had any problems until this morning,” Ricky Burough said.

Crain says the neighborhood is usually quiet, and crime is seldom.

“They certainly don’t happen in this neighborhood, and they don’t usually don’t happen in Nixa either,” Crain said.

Nixa Police arrested two men and one woman in connection to a home invasion on South Bridgewood Court.

“Wy wife looked out the window and said that there’s all kinds of police presence in the area and our daughter comes down and she’s got to get ready for school,” Burough said. “She said, ‘You didn’t you guys didn’t hear all that?’ and I say no. She said the cops were up there and they were yelling at someone. She didn’t know. She didn’t see anything. She just seen all the cops and they were in full SWAT [gear] you know. So, yeah, it was pretty scary.”

Police say a woman inside the home called 911 and a man inside the home was allegedly assaulted.

When police arrived, they arrested one of the suspects, a woman, at the home, while the two men took off on foot.

Authorities used a drone to find one suspect and help from the Christian County Sheriff’s Office to find the other.

No charges have been filed at this time and police are investigation any connection, if at all between the suspects and the victim.

“I’ve met him a few times, but he’s, you know, quiet, keeps to himself and never had, you know, any problem out of him,” Burough said. “Sometimes it makes you wonder why they specifically target a house or how do they just randomly pick.”

With the scene so close to two different Nixa schools, the district went into what they call, Secure Mode.

“Secure mode just really heightens everyone’s awareness that something could happen,” Communications Officer Zac Rantz said. “It also just gets everybody ready that we might have to go a little further in the situation.

Burough says he’ll make adjustments going forward.

“Definitely talking about doing like that ring door video thing,” Burough said. “We’ve thought about it just never have done it. So now it’s probably a good idea to do it.”