OZARK, Mo – Three members of the Ozark High School band are celebrating after making All-State in the state of Missouri.

All-State means these three, Brett Meyer (trombone) Mason Waltke (bassoon), and Brady Perkins(trombone), practiced for nearly eight months for a chance to take a trip to Columbia for the Missouri All-State band auditions.

“You get the district packet at the end of the year, like the end of the school year. You’ll work on it a bit over the summer, once school starts really dig into it,” says Mason.

He also says to be considered for the competition; you have to make the all-district band and make the top chairs in your instrument class. Doing that will then make one eligible to make it to state. Once you’re at state, you have to pass two auditions.

The three men have been playing together since sixth grade, but it wasn’t until they started high school that making it to All-State was even an option.

Both Brady and Brett say that as exciting as the opportunity is to make it to All-State, that opportunity comes with a big side of nerves.

They say that going to the state competition is around a 12 hour day of warm-ups, practice, and the auditions.

“The warm-up and the audition take like 30 minutes of the total like 12 hours,” Brett and Mason say.

During that extra time, the bass clef trio said they made friends with those across the state trying to reach the same goal.

The three are currently juniors and will plan on competing for state again their senior year. After high school, Brett and Mason plan on going to Missouri S&T and playing in their band, while Brady plans on going to Missouri State to play in their band.