SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The National Christian Homeschool Basketball Championships may have ended this week, but the madness continues Saturday in a different form, with fewer players on the hardwood.

It’s a three-on-three tournament.

“It’s inspired by the Olympics, making 3v3 a gold medal sport, we thought we’d try it out,” said Rob Flatt, Executive Director for the NCHBC.

The tourney is open to all ages.

“We added alumni so we can give the opportunity for former players and coaches to come back and take part of it,” Flatt said.

The additional event comes on the heels of a week-long tournament that brings talent from around the country to the Queen City.

“We’ve got teams from Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee,” Flatt said. “When I pulled in, I saw Oregon license plates and Arizona.”

Some of the visitors include the Ingrams, who visit from Tulsa, Oklahoma every year to support their son.

“He is here for the alumni, but has played since he was like, ten years old,” Kerry Ingram said. “His teammates that he’s grown up with are here this week, and so, you know, this is like a big family, and it’s been a joy coming all these years.”

The couple says they enjoy what Springfield offers outside of basketball.

“It’s a great city to host an event like this, lots of good restaurants,” Everett Ingram said. “We’ve always liked Springfield from day one and the community seems to be very hospitable.”

Flatt says they don’t plan on taking the tournament anywhere else, anytime soon.

“We’re locked through 2025 under contract, so we’re thrilled to be coming back for the next couple of years for sure,” Flatt said.

“I would hope they could keep it in Springfield, it’s just a great place to have it,” Everett Ingram said.